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School Visits - By Ryan T. Higgins

School Visits


Ryan starts off his presentation by reading one of his books on a big screen using an LCD projector hooked up to his tablet. Then, he engages the students in a conversation about his work. He emphasizes that he was once just a regular kid who liked to draw and write. Now, after lots of hard work, he’s just a big kid who gets to draw and write  for a job!

He talks about the writing process and then caps the show off with a digital drawing. He uses his digital drawing tablet, takes suggestions from his audience, and mixes up whatever animals the kids want into a whole new creature. The kids have to name the creature and come up with a little story about it.


Ryan’s visits are geared towards pre-k through 4th grade students. His visits can last all day and are generally split up into 45-minute sessions, with 15-minute breaks, to cover the different grade levels/classes.


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