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Contact - By Ryan T. Higgins



Ryan loves getting letters in the mail.

Please mail your letters to:

Ryan T. Higgins
c/o Bruce the Bear
125 West End Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, New York 10023

Please note that Ryan can’t always write back personally, but every letter is important to him and will be responded to with at least a form letter that has a nifty letterhead.

Every letter is received by Disney*Hyperion. Some letters may be given to Bruce to carry on his motorbike up to the Maine Wilderness to give to Ryan in his cabin. Please be patient. Bruce’s motorbike is not very fast.


If you have a question about Ryan or his work, check out his FAQ’s page. If you don’t see the answer there, you can email Ryan’s wife, Joanna, at: info@ryanthiggins.com . Joanna is much smarter than Ryan and much better at answering questions, but sometimes she shares emails with him. Please be patient with responses. Joanna is very busy chasing kids and animals around the house. Sometimes she isn’t able to check her email for weeks. Please don’t send school visit requests to Joanna. Read the next bit for info on that.

School Visits and Appearances:

Please email school visit questions and requests to: hyperionvisits@aol.com


Paul Rodeen, Literary Agent