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Ryan T. Higgins is an author/illustrator residing in Southern Maine. He lives with his three dogs, three cats, two geckos, one tortoise, one son, one daughter, and one wife. As a child, he lived on a diet of cartoons, cheese sandwiches, and climbing trees. At the age of four he decided to become a cartoonist and he’s been making his own cartoons ever since. monkey-me-sm

Fun Facts

Ryan can’t smell. Although Ryan can be stinky if he goes too long without showering, he doesn’t have a sense of smell. Some people say when you lose one of your senses, your other senses become stronger. This is probably why Ryan can see through transparent objects and scale very low obstacles.

Ryan has a very short attention span and sometimes has trouble sitting long enough to write one senten………..

Ryan is very easily distracted and has to have his drawing desk positioned as far away from any windows as possible. Sometimes he works in his closet.

Ryan cannot multitask.